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Wheatfield Nursery production started quite small by first growing deciduous trees for Scott's Landscaping, Inc's use in 2004. This provided us with a small selection of first quality trees to use for installation projects and client sales. We then changed to a full plant production nursery in 2007. This enterprise has brought an availability of common and specimen trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials to our region. The nursery is run by our head nurseryman who came to Scott’s with over thirty years of experience. There are also several production assistants that help manage over 400 varieties of plants.

We serve not only our own needs, but fellow landscapers and homeowner. Landscape companies can purchase material at wholesale price and homeowners have the availability to browse our huge selection of retail plants.



Wheatfield Nursery Carries:




Ornamental Grasses

Shade Trees

Ornamental Trees

Evergreen Trees

Specimen Plants




  • Wear appropriate clothing, including mud boots.
  • Be prepared to walk on uneven terrain.
  • This is a working nursery with overhead watering.
  • Plant pots may be dirty, wet and heavy.
  • Some material may not fit in a car.



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