Design Questionnaire

Scott’s Landscaping strives to provide the highest professional landscape services to all our clients. We are constantly trying to improve our company and exceed your expectations. The staff at Scotts Landscaping would be grateful to hear your opinion of our performance.

1. Name :

2. Address:

3. Phone Number:

4. Email Address:

5. Where do you spend the most time:

     a. When Indoors?

     b. When Outdoors?

6. Where are your main views?

7. Do you need privacy?

8. What door do you use the most?

9. Do you have kids or pets?

10. Are you interested in a specialty gardens for birds, butterflies or cut flowers?

11. Do you prefer evergreen or deciduous plants?

12. Are there any colors you like or dislike?

13. Do you have any favorite plants?

14. Would you be interested in lighting, irrigation or a water feature?

15. What kind of maintenance would you like: low, medium, high or a professional take care of landscape?

16. Do you need lawn care?

17. What kind of style do you prefer: casual, country, modern, curvy, linear…?

18. What is on your landscape ‘Wish List?’

19. What is your Budget?

20. Other information needed…?

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