Customer Questionnaire

Scott’s Landscaping strives to provide the highest professional landscape services to all our clients. We are constantly trying to improve our company and exceed your expectations. The staff at Scotts Landscaping would be grateful to hear your opinion of our performance.

Customer Name (optional): 

Service(s) Provided: 

Contact Person: 

Please respond to the following statements using the scale below:








My calls were received and/or returned in a timely manner

The quote was easy to read and understand

The quote provided was broken down according to my needs

The design addressed my personal needs

The design was an excellent investment

My contact person at Scott’s Landscaping was responsive to my needs/questions

My contact person followed up with me upon completion of my project

The work was performed on time according to date provided and weather conditions considered

The staff members of Scott’s Landscaping were Professional and Courteous

The finished product met my expectations

I feel confident in how to care for my landscape

I received excellent value for my money

I will be doing further projects with Scott’s Landscaping

I would recommend Scott’s Landscaping to others

How could we improve our services?


We would like to thank you for helping us improve our company.

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