Lawn Care

Fertilization and Weed Control Plans

We offer both custom lawn care and a worry free year round program.  You select the program that fits your needs and budget.  Scott's Landscaping, Inc. understands every lawn is different and our professional staff is always available to assist you in developing the best plan for your lawn.


Custom Lawn Care Maintenance
Year Round 6 Step Program
  • You select the services that you need
  • We take the guess work out of selecting options with our proven 6 steps
  • You only pay for the steps you select
  • You receive a discount for the full program
  • May see a few weeds or slower growth depending on number of services selected
  • Consistent properly maintained and robust lawn all season long
  • Can add on additional services as needed
  • No worrying what you lawn needs
  • Professional technician arrives only for the steps you select
  • Your technician is walking your lawn a minimum of six times a year and will consistently know what your lawn needs
  • Professional service and advice at every visit
  • Professional service and advice at every visit
  • Pre-payment discount available
  • Pre-payment discount available



Our Complete Fertilizer and Weed Control Program Includes:



STEP #1- EARLY SEASON FERTILIZER WITH PRE-EMERGENT CRABGRASS CONTROL: (April) This application includes a granular fertilizer with a pre-emergent crabgrass control.  This formula will allow your lawn to get greener quicker while preventing unwanted seeds from germinating.


STEP #2- MID SPRING WEED CONTROL:  (May) This late spring liquid broadleaf weed control application is designed to control the most common weeds in this area. This post-emergent spray is absorbed through the leaf when the plant is actively growing, controlling the weed at its root. *                             


STEP #3- EARLY SUMMER FERTILIZER:  (June/July) Fertilizer (No Weed Control): 

               OPTION #1: An early summer, slow release fertilizer designed not to burn. This formula will help keep your  lawn green and healthy throughout the summer months.

               OPTION #2: We also offer fertilizer + grub control at this time.  This will help prevent the damage grubs could create in your lawn with systemic action and a super long residual.


STEP #4- LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL FERTILIZER:  (August/September) This late summer/early fall fertilization typically results in improvements in color and density. It also sets the stage for the health benefits of the winterization.


 STEP #5- LATE SUMMER WEED CONTROL:  (September) – During the fall, weeds prepare for the winter by pulling carbohydrates from the leaves to the roots. This makes fall an excellent time to target hard to control weeds in your yard as well as newly emerging weeds.*


STEP #6-LATE FALL WINTERIZING FERTILIZER: (October/November) – This fertilization continues the strengthening of the root system into the winter months and promotes quicker green up in the spring. It also helps maintain turf color without increasing the chance of winter injury or disease.


* Not all weeds can be controlled with a single application. Some weeds may require multiple applications or a different type of product application.




Other Services:


CORE AERATION: Core aeration or aerating is the process of mechanically pulling plugs of turf, soil and thatch out from your lawn. The benefits in this procedure include relief of soil compaction, maintaining proper thatch levels and increased uptake of water and nutrients by your lawn. Aeration is typically done 1-2 times per year.


*6 STEP PROGRAM ADVANTAGE - A 2% discount is available to customers who participate in Scott's Landscaping 6 step Lawn Care Program.  This discount applies to the Total Costs of applications 1-6.


**PRESEASON PREPAYS - A 5% discount is available to customers who prepay in full by February 28th.  This discount applies to the Total Costs of all items selected.





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