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"We have the equipment and manpower to provide a variety of services to the Pennsylvania Gas Well Industry and I am personally available to guarantee the success of your erosion control project."

-Scott Burk, President


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Erosion Control & Sediment Control                             


hydroseeding of right-of-way erostion control with hydro seeding from turret gun erosion control of gas wells with hydroseeding from turret gun erosion control of pipeline hydroseeding residential
Right-of-Ways New Construction Gas Wells Pipelines Residential


As professionals in the Erosion and Sediment Control Industry in Pennsylvania, we understand the importance of a reliable, dependable and quality service.  We are committed to using Best Management Practices (BMP) to protect your job site and keep you compliant with local and state agencies.  Scott's Landscaping, Inc. understands that poor erosion control or sediment control will result in fines that can ultimately lead to interruptions in production of your job site.  We offer a wide range of erosion control, sediment control and hydroseeding services including but not limited to:




Bonded Fiber Matrix

Straw Mulching

Dust Control

Blanket Installation

Filter Sock Installation


Contact our office today to speak with our professional staff to consult on your needs or to quote your project.  We can keep your project compliant and on schedule by selecting materials that work for your project.  Scott's Landscaping, Inc is a full service erosion control contractor servicing gas well sites, Marcellus Shale drilling areas and new construction sites in Pennsylvania.


Ask us about our full line of Bonded Fiber Matrix materials that we can use to stabilize and seed your site for complete erosion and sediment control.  Not only can we provide complete E&S control, we can save your project money as well.


Scott's Landscaping, Inc. services all of Pennsylvania for erosion control and hydro seeding. We are located in central PA allowing for easy access across the state.  We are located in Centre Hall, PA (which is close to State College, PA in Centre Country) but we will travel to meet your needs.



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